In and around Sydney – places to see

Sydney is a famous tourist destination for a lot of people and offers endless opportunities to spend time in and around the city. Apart from the typical sights like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge there are many special places we wanna tell you about. 


– Sydney city
– Royal National Park
– Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains.

Sydney city
Surrounded by the Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains, over 100 beaches and endless hidden coastal spots, Sydney has it all!
We recommend taking a few days to explore the city – our top 3 things to do in Sydney are the following: Coogee to Bondi coastal walk, Dudley Page Reserve in Dover Heights (see cover photo) and the Barrenjoey Lighthouse at Palm Beach in North Sydney. You’re best off hiring or taking your car to see these places, you could reach Bondi via bus or train but to go to Plam Beach you definitely need a car as there is no direct train nor bus connection.

Tamarama Beach (Bondi to Coogee walk).
Palm Beach (from Barrenjoey Lighthouse).

Royal National Park
Just a short drive from Sydney you will find the Royal National Park  with so many beautiful places along the coast, you could easily spend a week here! Rent a car and get down there to explore, it will be worth it! Still more to be discovered, we chose the Figure 8 Pools, Wedding Cake Rock, Curracurrong Falls, Wattamolla and Stanwell Park Lookout to have a closer look at. To get to the first 3 of the above destinations you have to do a walk to get there, the other two are easy to reach by car. It is easy to see why you can spend a whole day at Wattamolla without getting bored: cliff jumping (from 2 levels), relaxing at the beach (at the lake or ocean) but also going for a walk along the coast to reach Wattamolla lookout.

Figure 8 Pools.
Wedding Cake Rock.
Curracurrong Falls.
Wattamolla Beach.

Blue Mountains
You can either book a tour to visit the Blue Mountains or get a car and explore the area yourself. We recommend going there by car because you’re way more flexible as to where you want to go and how much time you want to spend there. Our favourite places in the Blue Mountains are: Wentworth Falls and the Blue Lake. A very famous tourist destination are the 3 sisters, which you can see from the lookout near Katoomba. Wentworth Falls can be reached after a 30 minutes walk, just type in the name into your navigation and you’ll reach a big parking area from where you can choose between several walks. If you want to visit the Blue Lake you have to drive to the so called „Jenolan Caves“ from where you do the Jenolan River Walking track that leads you to the stunning Blue Lake, shining in its fantastic colours in the middle of the Blue Mountains.

Wentworth Falls.
Blue Lake.

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