Amalfi Coast – Italian paradise

This part of Italy is absolutely worth every trip and everyone planning on going to Italy should come here. I felt like I landed in another world and everything just seemed so perfect and peaceful. Never ever leave Europe without roadtripping the Amalfi Coast!

Where we stayed: Hotel Pensione Maria Luisa – Positano (cover photo)

How long to stay at Amalfi Coast: around 1 week

Price level: normal

How to get there: by car, by bus, by ferry


We started our trip in Positano as we’ve always wanted to visit this place. Thus we decided to book a hotel in this beautiful littel coastal town. Our hotel’s location was just amazing as we could overlook Positano on our ocean view balcony. The hotel staff was super nice, we had clean rooms and everything we needed to have the most comfortable stay. We also loved to spend our evening on the quite side of the town, overlooking all the boats along the coast from the balcony- the view was perfect! If you’re looking for a lovely place to stay during your time here, we can definitely recommend it.
Check out their website for rooms and rates:

View from our room.

The situation of getting there by car was a little bit more complicated than we thought. The roads are so narrow and full with people, you almost have no space to get out of the way when there is a bus coming across. Finding a parking spot during the day is almost impossible and as you can’t turn around in Positano you have to go all the way back out of town to start your second lap of finding a spot. Our tip: Go there very early in the morning and try stopping at the first available parking you see or if you want to park your car safely it’s best to go to one of the parking garages which are about 20€ per day. It costs 3€ per hour along the roadside presuming you can find a spot so it’s your choice depending on what you prefer.
It would be cheaper and more convenient to take the so called SITA bus from Sorrento or Salerno to Positano and leave your car wherever you start. You save a lot of time as well as money, the buses start from 3.50€ and you don’t need to worry about parking and driving along the narrow roads!

View over Positano.

You should definitely try some of the Italian food there, they have the most amazing Pizza and Pasta, Calzone, fish dishes, ice cream, all kinds of pastries and way more… We tried some pastry at „La Zagara“ which is right in the center of Positano and it was sooo delicious and not expensive at all!

Fornillo Beach.

Positano’s main beach is one of the liveliest of all those on the Amalfi Coast. Along the large, three hundred meter long beach there are several restaurants, cafés and bars and it is just ideal picture postcard material even though it is always super busy around there. Arienzo Beach as well as Laurito Beach are tiny little beaches which can be reached via steps as they are not quite in the town center. Fornillo Beach is a little bit further away and if you want to go there you can reach it via a romantic walk along the cliffs, starting at Positano harbour.

Marina Grande Beach.


We didn’t really spend full days in other townships along the coast but we did see everything in between Positano and Salerno and it was a stunning trip with amazing places all along the way!! We wouldn’t quite recommend staying too close to Salerno as it’s super packed at these city beaches and there are way nicer areas and remoter beaches to explore.

Along the Amalfi Coast.

Our results
– Spend up to 3 days in Positano if you’re not after a typical beach holiday
– Try some of the delicious pastries at „La Zagara“
– Visit La Praia (Praiano)
– Stop at Vietri Sul Mare and enjoy the lovely old town
– Visit Grotta dello Smeraldo
– Don’t take your own car if not 100% necessary
– Learn some Italian phrases – their English is pretty bad

We’ll definitely come back!

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