Australia, NSW – weekend destinations

Australia, with its many different landscapes, is probably one of the most diverse countries on the earth. Except from the typical touristic places, we have thought about a few things you should see on your way through New South Wales.

Without a doubt the whole coastline of Australia is just overwhelming and there are innumerable places to see. So where do you start? Which places should we visit in the short time we have?

We are trying to give you a good overview by presenting the top places of every Australian State. Sydney, the Royal National Park and the Blue Mountains will be outlined in another post very soon.

1. Nelson Bay
Some of you may know this place as „Port Stephens“, which can be quite confusing because  when you drive to „Port Stephens“ it is an hour detour from the actual Nelson Bay.  If you go to „Mount Tomaree“ you will have the most perfect 360° view over Nelson Bay and it only takes you about 30 minutes to go up the hill. If you have enough time you can easily spend 2 or 3 days here, going surfing, hiking or just enjoying the remote beaches (e.g. Zenith Beach) !

Mount Tomaree Lookout.

2. Central Coast
No Aussie could really help us on which places to see along the Central Coast so I did a little bit of research on my own and we went to: Swansea Heads, Caves Beach, Catherine Hill Bay Beach, The Entrance and a few other beaches. I can definitely recommend Caves Beach as you can walk through different caves always leading back to the ocean.

Caves Beach.


3. Wollongong
You have probably heard of Wollongong if you have been to Australia. It is worth visiting as there are a lot of nice surf beaches as well as beautiful little cafes along the bays, and also a beautiful little harbour. North Beach and Wollongong City Beach are quite nice and from there it is only a walking distance to the harbour, the lighthouse and all the cafes and restaurants in between.

Wollongong Harbour.

4. Macquire Pass National Park

You have the opportunity to wander among the rainforest and towering eucalypts, experience scenic views, enjoy picnicking and bushwalking and wonderful waterfalls, and all that is very close to Wollongong and Kiama. It takes a bit of time to get to the waterfalls but there is two of them: the Cascade Falls and the Macquire National Park falls but it is definitely worth the hike!

Macquire Pass National Park.

5. Kiama

Kiama’s famous Blowhole is the largest blowhole in the world and always attracts a lot of people as it can shoot water up to 25 metres under certain sea conditions. Including the beautiful little town of Kiama you should get a day off to come here!

Kiama Blowhole

6. Jervis Bay
This is my favorite part of NSW as you have endless oppportunities to spend your time here. Jervis Bay is filled with quiet beaches, towering cliffs and diverse national parklands. Beaches such as Hyams Beach or Seven Mile Beach are great for swimming, kayaking, fishing, stand up paddle boarding, boating and surfing. Hyams Beach is said to have some of the whitest sand in the world.
The area also is a popular spot for whale watching during migration season from May to November.

Hyams Beach.


7. Pretty Beach and Pebbly Beach
If you are making your way down the coast you should stop at these two beautiful little beaches in Murramarang National Park. Both Pretty and Pebbly Beach are unique, quiet beaches and famous for their large numbers of resident kangaroos. It is worthwhile camping at Pebbly Beach as you can get closer to the kangaroos than anywhere else.

Pretty Beach.


8. Ben Boyd National Park
This National Park is different from other parks because of its rugged coastline of folded red rocks in contrasts with the perfectly blue Pacific Ocean. Pristine surf beaches, rugged bays as well as a historic lighthouse are key elements of this stunning landscape. Major attractions like the Green Cape Lightstation, Bittangabee Bay, the Pinnacles and Haycock Point from which you will have a breathtaking view over the area are easy to reach via coastal tracks.

Ben Boyd National Park.






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