Paris – cité d’amour

If you’re planning on visiting Paris you should definitely check out some of this city’s hidden gems. There are so many beautiful places apart from the main tourist attractions which will blow your mind! 

Where we stayed: near Montmartre via

How long to stay in Paris: up to a week

How to get there: by car, bus, train or plane

Price level: expensive

Paris probably is a dream destination for most of you, as well as for Marie and me; we love this city so much and after 5+ visits we can highly recommend to explore this city as we would always wanna come back here.

– Tour Eiffel
– Cathédrale Nôtre Dame
– Musée du Louvre
– Sacré-Coeur and the area of Montmartre
– Tour Montparnasse (for a great view over Paris)
– Rue Crémieux
– Square Rapp

It is easy to get around in Paris as the metro system enables you to visit all tourist attractions you want to see. WATCH OUT FOR PICKPOCKETS! There are heaps of people who try to sell you a wrong ticket which you won’t notice because they are directly next to the service counter and nobody is doing anything to get rid of them. ALWAYS BUY YOUR TICKET YOURSELF OR WITH THE SERVICE STAFF AT THE COUNTER. There are heaps of opportunities considering your metro ticket: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days (25€). It might sound expensive but Paris is not that kind of city you want to explore by foot. It saves you a lot of time using the metro.


Rue Crémieux is easy to reach if you get off the metro at Gare de Lyon station. After a 5 minute walk you get there and it’s something you completely wouldn’t expect in the middle of Paris. We loved it so much we had to go back there the day after! 

Another hidden spot is the so called „Square Rapp “ which is a small backyard from where you have an amazing view on the Eiffel tower. We almost couldn’t find it with Google maps as it’s kind of behind several corners and there were no signs at all. But in the end we made it and stepped behind the fence, even though we weren’t allowed to… 😀

Square Rapp.

Take one day to explore the area around Montparnasse / Sacré-Coeur and its beautiful little streets and cafés!
You don’t necessarily need to go up the Eiffel tower to overlook the city. You can either go up Arc de Triomphe or Tour Montparnasse which both offer you an amazing view over Paris (including the Eiffel tower, which is even better!).

Our result
– Paris is  a l w a y s  a good idea!
– Try to also visit hidden spots during your stay and explore different areas yourself
– Have a French breakfast, you won’t regret (also if it costs around 16€!)
– Staying somwhere via Airbnb gives you the perfect opportunity to live the French life for a few days!


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