Oh Prague!

Prague has never been one of the places that I felt like I have to visit before I die. So I went there with absolutely no expectations and let’s just say – it is absolutely worth going there and you should definitely add it to your bucket list!

Where we stayed: **** – Hotel International Prague (great deal on watado.de)

How long to stay in Pragueup to a week

How to get there: by car, bus or plane

Price level: affordable

One of the great things of visiting Prague is that you don’t need a big budget. We paid 45 Euro for two nights in a four star hotel including breakfast. So it is definitely worth looking for special deals in advance. Also the food is very affordable.


Things you need to see
– Charles Bridge
– Prague Castle (especially the Golden Lane at Prague Castle)
– Jewish Quarter (Josefov)
– Old Town Square
– Old Town Hall Tower (climb up there for a spectacular view)
– Petrin Hill & Observation Tower
– Letná Park

Because we lived a bit outside the city centre we got a 3-day-pass for the metro (310 CZK/ 11,50€). If you live within the city centre, there is no need for a ticket really. BE CAREFUL though when you buy the ticket, they know you are not familiar with the currency yet and sometimes give you less change back.



You get one of the best views of the Old Town when you climb up the Old Town Hall Tower on Old Town Square. But there are also other spots for a good view of the city. We recommend you to also visit Letná Park where you can see the river with all its bridges.  Petrin Hill and the Observation Tower on top is worth the climb. It gives you a spectacular view over the whole city and further.

Our result
– Try to explore the city by foot
– Eat some of the local food. It is delicious and very cheap! You can find sweet and savory „Küröskalács“ and „Lángos“ almost on every corner.
– Watch out for great deals in advance!
– You should definitely add Prague to your bucket list!





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