Switzerland – a weekend trip

The Alps, beautiful little villages along the landscape and lakes, mountains upon mountains… And Caumasee in Flims, the Swiss Caribbean in the middle of a forest. It couldn’t be more perfect!

Location: Flims,  Caumasee – Switzerland

How to get there: by car (easiest), train

This place is a must visit if you’re travelling through Europe and coming past Switzerland. I never thought it would really look like in the pictures until I saw it myself.

It’s just a short drive from the South of Germany and it’s easy to reach by car, you simply need the Swisse „Vignette“ (37€ / year). There’s a parking spot nearby from which you can walk down a lovely path to that wonderful lake. The walk takes around 15 minutes and you’ll be able to either walk down to the lake or take a lift (which is for free).

The best time to come here is during the warm European months (April – September) as you can spend your day sunbathing, going for a hike or maybe even going for a swim in the ice cold water. It’s also beautiful during winter time but you’ll probably be freezing cold and there’s not much around to do.

Other options how to get there
http://www.blablacar.de is a good opportunity for those among you who can’t go by car themselves to find people who might also want to go there
https://de.rail.cc/flims/stadt/l/13428 if you are travelling by train

Our result
You definitely have to come here, it’s totally worth it!



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